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Please have a look at the videos of the tile spacer punch in action! Should you require any further information regarding the unique punch for saving time and tiles, please click on the links provided in the videos or at the bottom of the page which will take you to

JD Brands, manufacturer and distributor of the tile spacer punch and other fantastic

tools for tradesmen, tradeswomen and DIY.

The Tile Spacer Punch makes dealing with those trapped tile spacers a breeze and pushing in leave in tile spacers quick and easy, while ensuring a good depth for grout to bond. No more twisting of spacers or risking damage to tile corners.


A simple alternative to using your thumb, screwdrivers or paint scrapers. Push, bump or give tile spacers a bash with a hammer and the punch instead, you may find it works for you!


The Tile Spacer Punch is manufactured and distributed by JD Brands.

Contact JD Brands by clicking on the image below.