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Welcome to Tile Trix Limited.

Manufacturer and distributor of a new and unique tiling tool. Specifically designed for making the everyday tiling task of spacing tiles with tile spacers easier, faster and neater, while reducing the risk of damage to tile edges or corners. The Tile Spacer Punch. "Works great". "Tough as old boots". "So simple, no more chipped tiles". "Saves so much frustration". " Easily 5 stars". "A great tool to have at hand for when you need it".

Using make do tools?

Screwdrivers and paint scrapers are hard edged being constructed from metal, metal versus tile edges? Chipping is often caused on contact. They do not push spacers in evenly, may split tile spacers jammed in tile joints by the weight of stacked tiles and cause twisting of tile spacers in the joints. Everything the punch has been designed not to do, making it an easier and safer tool to use. No more repair jobs and wastage of time and expensive materials.

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A tiler by trade or tackling a DIY tiling project? The Tile Spacer Punch will simplify the process. Faster tiling, neater grout joints and no wastage of expensive materials. All of this with a simple bump of the hand or use force, built tough so that even a hammer or mallet may be used for those really jammed tile spacers which are hard to remove without risking damage to tile corners.

Tile Spacer Punch, tile spacers

Since the introduction of leave in style tile spacers from some of the best quality tiling tool manufacturers, and considering most tile spacer packs suggest leaving them in. The way tilers use tile spacers has changed, there is no need to remove these tile spacers. Simply punch them in to good and suitable depth to be grouted in. This ensures the grout has space to bond properly.

For those who prefer to remove tile spacers, there are always those few which are hard to remove without risking chipping a tile edge. The Tile Spacer Punch is good to have at hand for this situation. Use force to punch them in. No chipping, one action, quick and easy!

Via The Tile Trix Facebook page we have issued samples to quality tilers to test the punch as well as gaining reviews on the page via sales.

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See exactly why the Tile Spacer Punch was designed?




The Tile Spacer Punch will make a great addition to your range. As a one product business we offer continuous promotion of where our product is available. So really we are a two product business.

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tile spacers, tile spacer punch

A simple solution.

Designed to be effective.

Unique to Tile Trix.

An average of an hour in labour could be wasted due to chipping a tile, plus the cost for the replacement of wasted materials. See the design features of the Tile Spacer Punch which stop this from happening.

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  • Shaped like a tile spacer even pressure

is applied to tile spacer arms.

No twisting of tile spacers in tile joints.

  • A wedge effect.

When force is used the punch will not

chip tile edges or corners.

  • A notch to use as a gauge to ensure tile

spacers are set to a depth suitable for grouting over.

  • Designed as a punch so that force may

may be used for those really jammed

tile spacers.

tile spacers

Modify to suit T-spacers, by grinding down an arm of the punch.

Tip of a spacer showing through the grout while grouting?

Bang it in, touch up, quicker and easier than struggling to remove the tile spacer!

A wedge effect!

No risk of damage to tile corners.

Save time and expensive materials with a simple bump of the hand!

The Decorator Magazine
Click to view a review by @ToolTalk1 in The Decorator Magazine Dec/Jan 2018 official magazine of The PDA

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Quotes from quality Tile fixers after using the product.

"Not usually one to adapt to change easily BUT may I say what an invention!

Takes pride and place in my pocket now" Kris Taylor

"It's earned a place not in the toolbox, but instead is now living in my pocket, the apprentice has his and already I can see an improvement, alot of tools you can do without, but once used you find yourself using it all the time, easily 5 stars" John Dyas

"Cracking tool, cracking price, job done" Dai Probert

"A great tool to have at hand" Chris at One Call Property Solutions

"Always have it in my spacer bucket for when I need it" Matthew Taylor Tiling Services

A common sense tool.

Manufactured in the United Kingdom

A patented design.

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The Tile Spacer Punch is available at selected tile, tool and bathroom outlets: Click on the logos to visit.

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